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    bug in richfaces 3.2.2 SR1 : rich:simpleTogglePanel

    Rajeev Ravindran Newbie


      i was using richfaces richfaces 3.2.1.GA.jar and was facing issues with saving component state with session timeout set in web.xml. Looked at few forums and found 3.2.1 has the issue and got it resolved on 3.2.2. I replaces my jars with 3.2.2 and the session save state issue seems to be resolved.

      the new issue i face is with rich:simpleTogglePanel. the panel is not opening if i click on it. it was working good with the old jar. If i go back to the old jars this issue will be solved but the session issue will come again. could you telll me which version is more stable ?

      the jars i use right now are

      Any help on this issue is really appreciated. We have the app on production test now and i have to get this resolved asap :(