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    Jboss 3.2.2 fails to start

    Ron Stockton Newbie

      When I try to start Jboss I get a HotSpot error code.

      Error ID: 43113F32554E54494D45110E4350500290

      The file attached contains the log.

      The error message means nothing to me, anybody seen this before?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You are using an old version of the JDK (1.3). It has been noted that some of the 1.3 JDKs are unable to run the bytecode. The HotSpot system for your JVM version has hit such a problem. As noted in the error log, it is a problem with the JVM and you should report it to the JVM vendor. However, since it is an old version they would probably recommend you upgrade your JDK/JVM.

          Upgrade to a 1.4.x JDK unless there is something specific you needed in 1.3.x. In which case, try to get the latest 1.3.1 JDK for your system - it may still break. However, there have been no reports of such problems to date with the 1.4.x JDKs.