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    Bad scalability on number of WAR's possible to deploy

    Niclas Ahlstrand Newbie

      I'm developing an application that serves as a platform for sale and distibution of digital content. A customer can upload his content and make it available fore distribution on the net.

      Each customer gets his own context wich is deployed as a WAR. I hoped to be able to serve a couple of hundred customers.

      I made a test on the scalability of my JBoss system that is of version 3.2.2 After deploying 50 WAR's it took 6 minutes for each new WAR to deploy and then i ran out of memory.

      Is this a configuration issue? I hoped that JBoss should be able to host a couple of hundred WAR contexts.

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          Godfrey Nang'oma Newbie

          Hello Niah9119,
          Do you really need to create those WAR files. I had similar thinking before, but I have found a different way to accomplish the same result by creating new resources into apache server. Those resources, in turn, can talk to my EJBs.

          It appears to me as if you are trying to do hot deployment in production server. The hot deployment feature, if I understand correctly is only useful during your application development.

          IMHO, I do not recommend deploying gigantic WAR files to JBOSS, especially hot deployment.