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    Deployment sequence in JBoss 3.2.2

    Dmitri Zamyslov Newbie


      i have a problem as following.

      I have a SAR which includes different services and also
      EJB.jar. There is already a known problem, that the EJB's in SAR will not deployed by start of JBoss, because somehow it happens that Invokers are not there and Remote instances cannot be deployed.

      My question here is there possible to set the deployment sequence in JBoss. Say if I want my SAR to be deloyed at the end, when all other services are there. Is it possible?

      Currently I have always the problem with first start. Because EJB Deployer cannot find Invoker. Then I must deploy my SAR again. If there a possibility to fix it? I tryed to write in jboss.xml (ejb deployer) dependences, but this does not help. Can somebody give me any hint?

      Thanx in advance.