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    web service in jboss

    Harshinie Dayaratne Newbie

      I want to deploy a web service in jboss. how shall i do that.

      I already have a web service which runs on tomcat axis. now i have to develop an application which uses the web service plus jms. i am using jboss as jms provider. i have down loaded jboss with tomcat. hence both jboss with tomcat and tomcat usually runs on the same port.
      both jboss and the web service must run in the same server. how shall i run this web service. is there a way to run a web service jboss. do i have run tomcat seperarely to run the webservice. since jboss has tomcat is there a way to deploy web service in jboss.

      how can i configure axis.

      please help me. i am very confused