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    Same EAR, a.war and b.sar use different jdom.jar

    john003 Newbie

      Hi Everyone,
      I am trying to deploy a simple ear (I am using deployment based scoping). l.ver1.jar and l.ver2.jar are two versions of the same jar file.
      The ear contains
      --- l.ver1.jar
      --- l.ver2.jar
      --- a.war
      -- MANIFEST.MF (Class-Path:l.ver1.jar)
      --- b.sar
      -- MANIFEST.MF (Class-Path:l.ver2.jar)
      I know that by using J2EE classloading, I can specify in the MANIFEST.MF which jar to load. My problem is that one b.sar is deployed, l.ver2.jar is loaded and a.war also uses l.ver1.jar. In jboss, is there any way to load the proper jar without separating them again into 2 ears.