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    Jboss on Windows 98

    willreilly Newbie

      Hi there,
      have a project which for the moment can be done with JSPs and Servlets but as the website may become more complex later EJB may become necessary. So I thought Jboss would do the trick. Anyway I have been trying to install it on Win 98 (not NT)which has the ram and disc space required. I have set all the environment variables(Ant_Home, Java_Home, and the path as the installation instructions say but it says with out environment space(translated from spanish) and also that I am in the wrong directory which I am not. I think its is looking for the run.jar file which is there. Anyway I am stumped. Is this coz I am using Win 98? If i go for Tomcat for the moment will I be able to trasfer the web app easily.

      Cheers in advance

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Transferring the web application should not be an issue. JBoss uses an embedded Tomcat (by default) or an embedded Jetty servlet container. You will probably need to increase the environment space as well. I'm a bit hazy on this as it was a while back I had JBoss running on 98.

          You should check that Java and JBoss are not installed in a path that contains a space. That might be part of the problem, I guess.