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    rich:toolTip action is not called when used inside rich:data

    Vikas Sharma Newbie

      I want to display some audit info in a tooltip if a user clicks on any of the row cell of the table. For this I pass a unique parameter of that row cell, and make a ajax request. Here is the excerpt of the code.

      <rich:dataTable id="rowList" var="record" value="#{backingBean.auditList}">
      <rich:column width="0*" style="text-align:left;" >
      <rich:toolTip showevent="onclick" mode="ajax" immediate="true" action="#{backingBean.auditInfo}">
      <a4j:actionparam value="#{record.id}" name="auditId" />
      <f:facet name="defaultContent">
      //Output Audit Info here...
      //Column detail/header comes here

      But when I click on a row cell, the ToolTip displays only default content. It doesnt make ajax call to backingBean.auditInfo method.

      If I put same toolTip code block for some commandButton in a page, I get proper tooltip and also backingBean.auditInfo get ajax request call .

      Can someone please let me know whether I am missing any flag thats stopping tool tip behavior within rich:dataTable.