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    Tomcat 5x and JBoss

    djoukit Newbie


      I installed Tomcat 5x and JBoss.
      When I run them, I can use servlets which access my JBoss EJBs through their remote interfaces. But I'd like to access them through their local interfaces.

      I know I can do this if I use the Tomcat 4x which is included with JBoss. The problem is that I need JSP 2.0 only supported by Tomcat5x.

      If you have any ideas ...


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          djoukit Newbie

          Never get an answer in this forum !!!

          For others who have the same problem : the solution is to replace the JBoss embedded Tomcat, by a new version of Tomcat. This can be done by downloading JBoss 3.2.3 on sourceforge !

          In : "jboss-3.2.3\docs\examples\tomcat\" there is an Ant build which allows you to create a new configuration of JBoss (all|default|min) with Tomcat 5.0 embedded. Then Tomcat 5.0 can then be launched as a JBoss service (in the same JVM -> local communications between servlets and EJBs !!!)

          Bye all !