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    URLDeploymentScanner scanning order changed in 3.2.2?

    Rodney Russ Newbie

      We created 3 new deployment directories to solve some deploy time dependency issues. These new directories were configured into the URLDeploymentScanner in the jboss-service.xml file. In 3.0.2, the behavior appears to be deploy everything in a directory before moving on to the next URL in the list. For example, if I have the directories deploy, deploy-second, deploy-third as my list of URL's, then all components in the deploy directory are deployed before any components in the deploy-second directory. In 3.2.2 it appears that this behavior has changed such that all files of a certain type get deployed across all directories that are in the URL list, then the next type, etc. So, all sar's are deployed first, then *-service.xml's, then rar's, jar's . . . I am wondering if there is a way to make the new URLDeploymentScanner behave the way it did in 3.0.2 by performing a depth first deployment instead of a breadth first deployment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.