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    Cannot find policy.xsl file

    ysingal123 Newbie

      I have the following code in an HttpServlet which fails while trying to find the policy.xsl file :

      javax.xml.transform.Templates templates = TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTemplates(new StreamSource(/policy.xsl));
      servletcontext.setAttribute("XSL", templates);

      I have tried putting this file in a host of places like WEB-INF, C:\, D:\, $JBOSS_HOME\jboss\lib, $JBOSS_HOME\jboss\bin WEB-INF\classes etc. but this error is not going away. It is driving me mad ! literally !!

      Is there some property to be set at the root level in JBoss so that the servlet can find the file ??

      That being said the same code works on IPlanet and IIS.

      Please enlighten me as to how to make it work on JBoss !!!!!!!!!!