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    Search example for timer triggered MBean

    Rolf Theile Newbie


      I tried to use a MyTimer MBean on JBoss 3.2.2 as described in
      Rene Muellers www.cs.fh-aargau.ch/~muellerr/papers/jbossbook.pdf,
      Section 4.3.5., that is, a customized MBean triggered by the timer

      However, I got some error messages indicating that service MyTimer
      could not register.

      Since I just want an working example for a timer triggered class on
      JBoss 3.2.2, can somebody send me an easily understandable
      implemented scheduled class, that is
      - the interface file xxxMBean.java,
      - the class file xxx.java,
      - the service file xxx-service.xml .

      I would also appreciate a working example for class using the timer
      MBean without being a specially implemented MBean itself.

      Thanks everybody,

      Rolf Theile