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    deployment problems using struts 1.0 and 1.1 on JBoss 3.2.2

    null null Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am running JBoss3.2.2 . I have some apps that are built using struts 1.0 as war files. They run perfectly. I recently introduced a new app built on struts 1.1 It fails to load. I searched the JBoss forums and i found out that the Unified Class Loader is the root cause. I then wrapped my struts 1.1 built war into an ear file and asked for a separate Class Loader in the jboss-app.xml . I get deployment problems stating that the struts tld files can't be loaded. I then extracted the libraries in the war file, and put them in the same root as the war file. Then I get a servlet load() exception when trying to load the new ear file.

      Any thoughts on how I can solve this problem? I appreciate your help.