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    Sharing the Apache DocumentRoot?

    hofo Newbie


      Is there any way to share the DocumentRoot from an Apache VirtualHost? For instance, in the same directory I'd like Apache to handle requests for HTML files and ColdFusionMX (running as a J2EE app on the /cfmx context) handle anything with cfm, cfml, or cfc extensions. In Jrun I can do this by editing a "jrun-web.xml" file in the ColdFusion EAR distribution, but I assume by the name of the file that it is Jrun specific.

      Any ideas?

      Howard Fore, me@hofo.com

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          Chris Lamprecht Newbie

          What I did is my JBoss deploy directory, created a symbolic link (i'm running linux) called "foo.war", pointing to a directory containing all my HTML and JSP files, and also the WEB-INF directory. (Everything that would be inside a WAR file). Then I set Apache's doc root to that same directory, so Apache handles the HTML on its own, and for "*.jsp", it delegates to JBoss/Tomcat.

          I'd like to hear if there's a better way of doing this, i.e., deploying a true .WAR file instead of "faking it" with a directory.