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    What kind of applications are built in the real world?

    Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master


      They say an image speaks more than a thousand words, so please first take a look at this

      Now, of course I all would want to build "simple" applications of the first kind, specially if our part of the work is to create the extremely simple ui (I am not saying that coming up with an idea for a really good an simple ui is easy, but actually building it is, of course, very easy)

      Now, the interesting part is that 99.99% of all the enterprise applications I have built look like the third image... and I am a little worried because the real world application that is going to be built with rich faces does not look like something that is going to be like the kind of application I have had to build 99.99% of the times.

      So, in my world, that means I really doubt it is going to be a "real world" application, it looks more like the kind of application that would compete with OpenLazslo LZPIX for the picture management application with best looking eyecandy.

      Now, that is not bad at all, I am sure the Lazlo guys have gained a lot of customers with its full of eyecandy flickr wrapper, but I would really like to see, for a change, a real world application that actually looks like one, one that teaches me how to deal with master detail CRUD of ToOne, ToMany and ManyToMany relationships, even if they are recursive, that teaches to me how to reutilize the component I created to search for contacts in any and all places where I want to search for contacts (and not only in the main contacts search). I would like to see a real world application based on a database model extracted form a book like The Data Model Resource Book, Vol. 1: A Library of Universal Data Models for All Enterprises, one that teaches me how to build the best possible UI for the kind of applications enterprise actually build, for their internal process, and not just real world examples that IMHO are only actually built by less that the .0001% of the developers out there.

      But maybe I am wrong, maybe I am one of those unlucky developers not creating great public website dealing with unstructured information and nice picture albums... Maybe we are the minority and not the majority... In that case, I would like to know if am really alone in this world... Please post an answer if for no other reason just to say what kind of applications do you build...