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    Manual/Automated Recovery from datasource connection failure

    eoin Newbie

      Apologies if this is misposted - I'm not sure which forum is appropriate.

      I have a datasource configured which is used both for jms persistence and by entity beans. I run a mdb off jms, which interacts with this database via the entity beans. I am doing some testing to prepare instructions for operation / management of the deployed system.

      if the connection to the database fails (for whatever reason, e.g. network failure), the connections eventually timeout, current activity (messages being processed etc.) throw exceptions, get marked for rollback etc..

      I then repair the problem, so that jboss could reconnect to the database. My question is, is there a way to either manually or automatically (e.g. retry every x seconds) reconnect to the database, and kick whatever services that had died (i.e. get jms delivery running again). I would like to do this without restarting the server if possible.

      Is there a way, for example, to restart everynything which depends on the datasource (i.e. using the dependencies that the deployer calculates)? Or do i need to build that list myself and manually stop()/start() them (e.g. through jmx-console). I am not yet sure whether i will be deploying on jboss 3.0.8 or 3.2.3 - are there any significant differences between these versions in this respect?

      regards, eoin.