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    want jmx-console login for only some services (not all)

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      "gjb9876" wrote:

      I'm running JBoss-3.2.1 and have developed our server, it works great! But now we're getting ready to put into production, so we must now learn how to configure everything...

      I've found the steps to require login to jmx-console, and this is now working well for me.

      But... what I want is to require a separate login for only a few services (well, probably only one service). You see we don't want just anyone to login and have access to all these MBeans for JBoss and our own application. We want to provide a single MBean via jmx-console (cuz it's just so easy to use this already generated web interface, we don't plan to implement our own web front end until a later release).

      How can I configure jboss such that my one service is exposed via jmx-console (not all the other services)

      (we want "admin" to see everything; that's already working. But we want "joeuser" to only have access to the "JoeService" for example)

      My guess is that this has something to do with the roles.properties and that "joeuser" should not be assigned to JBossAdmin, but how do I configure other roles???

      Thanks, Gretel