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    Running JBoss as another user for debugging

    jrcamp Newbie

      I'm using Eclipse and Lomboz to do some development, so I need to run JBoss (v3.2.3) as my local user. I added myself to the jboss group and checked the permissions for all the directories I could think of (this is on Gentoo)... /var/lib/jboss /usr/share/jboss and even /var/tmp/jboss. However, it chokes with the following message:

      14:38:23,469 INFO [MainDeployer] Starting deployment of package: file:/usr/share/jboss/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml
      14:38:23,472 ERROR [MainDeployer] Could not make local copy for file:/usr/share/jboss/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml
      java.io.IOException: No such file or directory

      That directory is writeable, but it doesn't specify where it is copying *to*. Bear in mind it runs fine if I run it as root. Any ideas? I'm stumped!