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    JBoss classloader hierarchy

    jkario78 Newbie

      What is the default classloader hierarchy in JBoss for application deployed into deploy dir?

      1) Does each SAR archive have it's own classloader?
      2) Are libraries under ${configname}/lib visible to all application in deploy dir through same parent classloader?
      3) How should I organize my libraries? Which ones go to ${configname}/lib and which ones under each invidual SAR archive? I'm thingking of following approach:
      - API jars under ${configname}/lib
      - Impl jars used by my components into ${configname}/lib if their version does not interfere with any library already in ${configname}/lib or in any of the existing SAR archives.
      - All other jar impl libraries under each of my invidual SAR archive

      * Janne

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          marc fleury Master

          1/each SAR has its classloader. that enables
          a- reloading
          b- class visibility with unified CL

          2/ yes but through simple class sharing and flat visibility

          3/ lib classes are those that don't need reloading or hot deploy. You can run all of jboss from the lib stuff if you need. but working with /deploy allows you to have reloading.

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