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    jetty vs tomcat

    chrisfaulkner Newbie


      I was happily using jboss-3.0.8_tomcat_4.1.x release but have been asked to move to 3.08 where jetty seems to be the servlet container. The .ear and .war files that worked perfectly well with Tomcat aren't working with jetty.

      With jetty, I saw error messages saying that the web.xml was missing and that it was expected below webapp/WEB-INF. It seems that with jetty, I have to put everything into webapp subdirectory within the .war, even the WEB-INF. This sort of works - I can see the static files, although they are now below this new webapp directory but I cannot hit any of my servlets.

      Formerly I had http://domain/context/file.htm and http://domain/context/servlet

      Now the static stuff is OK below http://domain/context/webapp/file.htm but I cannot hit any of my servlets.

      Any ideas, other than returning to jboss + tomcat ?