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    shutdown.bat problem jboss 3.2.3

    marcus7500 Newbie

      I am running Windows XP and jboss 3.2.3. I start jboss either by double-clicking on run.bat or through a command window. However, I cannot stop jboss just double-clicking on shutdown.bat. I have to CTRL+C it, or open a new window and type shutdown.bat. The problem I have is that double-clicking opens a new window, displaying the usage for shutdown and "Press any key to continue...". When I do, it just closes the window and that's that.

      From previous posts it appears there was a bug in jboss 3.0. Is this another one, or am I missing someting?


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          Scott Stark Master

          The shutdown.bat requires the shutdown op to perform, one of:
          -S, --shutdown Shutdown the server
          -e, --exit= Force the VM to exit with a status code
          -H, --halt= Force the VM to halt with a status code

          If you want a double click script, create your own myshutdown.bat that invokes shutdown.bat with the desired arguments.