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    JBoss3.2.2 problem parsing log4j.xml with Cocoon install

    Collin Novice


      I've got Cocoon2.0 and JBoss3.2.2 running together happily, for the most part.

      My problem is that Cocoon2.0 requires some XML jars to be present in the jre/lib/endorsed directory, and that causes the Log4jService mbean to fail when trying to parse the log4j.xml configuration file.

      If I remove the jars from the endorsed directory, the xml file is read in properly, but then Cocoon does not work properly. It seems to be one or the other at this point.

      Is there a workaround for this? At present, it is not feasible for me to upgrade JBoss or Cocoon. I'd like to be able to specify input values another way, if possible, such as through the MBean interface programatically, but it does not seem readily apparent to me how to do this.