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    ModelPanel and fieldset

    praveen jain Novice

      i am using html tag inisde <rich:modelPanel>
      if i place any control inside it dispalys out of that border.
      but if i use same example in simple page without using <rich:modelpanel> it displays fines.

      <t:selectOneRadio id="sor134" value="SI" layout="pageDirection"
      style="font-weight:bold; background-color:#99CCFF;">
      <f:selectItem id="si1134" itemLabel="Samsung2" itemValue="sa" />

      <f:selectItem id="si2134" itemLabel="Link" itemValue="lo" />
      <f:selectItem id="si3134" itemLabel="Logitech" itemValue="lg" />
      <f:selectItem id="si4134" itemLabel="BenQ" itemValue="bq"
      itemDisabled="true" />
      if i write the code in <rich:modelpanel> radio controls displays out of fieldset althoug simple html controls appears in the fileld set.
      but if i use normal page it displays fine..