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    Classloader get wrong class between two diferent ear

    José Tomás Newbie


      I have two diferent named ear (EAR1, EAR2).
      In each ear I have two diferent named jars (EAR1JAR1, EAR2JAR1) in each one a diferent class with equal name.

      I deploy EAR1 and then EAR2.

      In EAR2WAR1, when an request is dispatched, the class X at EAR2JAR1 is requested, but the one that cames online is the one X at EAR1JAR1.

      I have defined "<loader-repository>pt.isp.iol:loader=propername</loader-repository>" in jboss-app.xml for each EAR (1|2), so the class loader become diferent, but the problem stills.

      The class X is a http filter, and there are some more classes that is happening the same.

      How can I have independent EAR with classes that have equal names?