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    RMI problem when migrate codebase from weblogic to jboss

    hdeng Newbie

      I had some problem to run our RMI server within jboss server as we try to migrate our app from weblogic to jboss. The error message said : 11:49:47,018 ERROR [STDERR] java.rmi.StubNotFoundException: Stub class not found: com.bechtel.epcjobs.common.notification.NotificationServerImpl_Stub; nested exception is:
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: com.bechtel.epcjobs.common.notification.NotificationServerImpl_Stub

      In weblogic server, Proxies and bytecode dynamically generated by WebLogic RMI at run time, which obviates need to explicitly run rmic, except for clusterable or IIOP clients.

      I guess I have to run rmic first to generate stub for jboss? Any info is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.