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    Serving static pages with JBoss3.0.4/Catalina4.0.6

    Todd Gould Novice


      First some brief background....

      I have been using JBoss 3.0.4 with embedded Catalina 4.0.6
      successfully for quite some time now.
      I typically run multiple web apps (both JSP and servlets) as
      well as a number of EJBs. These
      applications have a combination of both static html pages (very
      few) as well as dynamically
      generated pages (most of them are like this). In either case,
      everything that is needed for a
      specfic app is contained in its associated war file(s).

      Recently, I had a new requirement though that I need some
      assistance with. Unlike my typcial
      situation above, I now have a hiearchal directory of truely
      static pages that needs to be served
      in combination with one of my more typical dynamic apps.

      I placed the directory into the deploy directory and thought
      that all would be fine. However,
      this did not work (page not found errors) as I navigated to
      http://ip:port/<path to static page>.
      I then decided to wrap the static page directory hiearchy inside
      of an exploded war file
      directory structure with a trivial web.xml descriptor. This
      get's me further in that if I
      now navigate to http://ip:port//<path to static page>,
      the browser will find it for
      SOME files. Basically everything that is in the top directory
      of static directory hiearchy is
      now visible. However, anything referencing something in any of
      the static subdirs provides the
      "page not found" error.....

      I've looked into the tomcat-service.xml and played with adding a
      specifc context with a different
      docbase to no avail. I'm sure I'm missing something simple as
      I've never had to worry about
      this before. I'd appreciate any assistance and appropriate
      config file snippets.