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    jboss and cold fusion

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      We are using cold fusion for a project and are using jboss for
      development. After deploying the cold fusion ear file and copying our
      application's war file contents to the cfusion deploy directory,
      the cold fusion cfm pages execute correctly with the url
      http:://localhost:8080/CFIDE/appLogin.cfm. If, we deploy our application,
      using a different context root, the url
      http:://localhost:8080/approot/appLogin.cfm just displays the page,
      and does not execute any of the cold fusion tags. Any one know how to
      deploy a cold fusion app using a different context root, with out essentially
      deploying cold fusion with the app? Any one using cold fusion with
      jboss, even though it is not officially supported?


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          Not much response so far :) Does this mean no one is using cold
          fusion with jboss for development, or is cold fusion buggy under
          jboss? And are you suck with running the application out of
          the cold fusion mx context root. Can you setup up a cold fusion
          config similar to *.jsp, so that the *.cfm files are executed in
          any of the deployed apps context root?

          Any insight would be definitely be appreciated.