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    What are some of the common Gotchas/issues with JBOSS?

    priceke1 Newbie


      I wasn't exactly sure where to post this question. We are currently looking at replacing our exisiting app servers (Weblogic) with Jboss. We have already migrated one app over succesfully with minor changes to our code. Everything works great. But the other applications we are lookingat migrating are on a grander scale than what we moved originally. I am asking if anyone has either some compilation or might be able to help me determine what are some common issues with migrating from one app server to another with specific regards to Jboss and the way it does things. The site incorporates JMS, EJBs, etc.

      Our current platform is windows based running Weblogic 8.1. We would look to moving to a linux platform using Jboss.

      any help is appreciated. I do want to say moving the one application over did not have serious issues. Mainly small changes. So was very happy to see that.

      Thanks for your time.