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    JBoss JNDI Persistence

    Benjamin Walstrum Newbie

      We are trying to put some values into the JBoss global JNDI, which will make the values accessible across several apps that do not share codebases. Basically, we are storing the component version numbers as a String in the global JNDI. The idea is that we could do something like this:

      Context ctx = new InitialContext();
      String version = (String) ctx.lookup("MyCompany/Application/Version");

      I have been able to successfully do a bind and lookup on the value. The problem is that it seems that JBoss is somehow caching values across restarts (or I am just totally confused). I am working with different versions of our components (I have verified that the correct versions are out there) and at least half the time it shows the wrong versions, which I can only attribute to some sort of persistence/caching issue. The weirdest part of it all is that I have verified that the value I am putting in is correct (i.e. I have debugged using JBoss IDE/Eclipse and have inspected the value of the version and it is correct when I put it in).

      If anyone has any ideas for this problem I would greatly appreciate any input.