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    Calling EJBs accross EARs with Loader Repositories

    Erik Reuter Newbie


      Ran into a little snag I can't get out of...

      I'm trying to call EJB1 that's in EAR1 from EJB2 in EAR2. EAR1 and EAR2 both have their own Loader Repositories configured.

      Because of the separate repositories, the classes from EJB1 are not directly visible to EJB2, so I created an "EJB1 client jar" and stuck it in EAR2 and referenced it in EJB2's manifest Class-Path.

      So far so good...

      Or not... I can't get EAR2's Loader Repository to pick up the "EJB1 client jar"!! I have some other jars in EAR2 that are referenced in EJB2's manifest, they get picked up nicely.

      This is on JBoss 3.2.3...