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    Marcel Mesa Newbie

      I’ve been using richfaces 3.1.6 for a while now, and I believe it’s a good choice to develop Web 2.0 applications. What I like the most about richfaces, besides the great variety of components it has, is its strong integration with JSF and the possibility it presents for the developer to abstract from the javascript code generated. I believe this is a very good feature because it allows the construction of complex user interfaces in less time, thus augmenting developers productivity.

      However, what concerns me the most about richfaces is its performance. For example, the rich:panelMenu, which is used to define a vertical menu, generates a lot of HTML code, which increases the size of the HTML document. This also increases the download time of the page and diminishes the performance of the application. My point is, it becames necessary to work on the performance issues in the next releases of richfaces. It would be specially nice if richfaces would adopt some of the rules defined by Steve Sounders (http://stevesouders.com/hpws/rules.php).

      Finally, it would be useful if there were a way to integrate richfaces with JAWR (https://jawr.dev.java.net/).

      Thanks in advance.