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    a very simple question needs an aswer

    novemberrain Newbie

      the phenomena:

      I post a request from the browser IE and wait for the response from Server Jboss.

      While I am waiting, there's nothing sent back, It seems the jboss hanged himself.

      After I input an "enter" in the jboss, it print out some message and send the result to the browser.

      the phenomena happens occasianlly .

      Any one who knows why please give me a piece of help.

      thanks !

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          SVen Newbie

          I suppose the problem is that you enabled the "QuickEdit-Mode" in your Dos-box, assumed you are sing windoze. If this is enabled and you marked something in the dos-box this will stop JBoss from processing your requests. Just hit the dosbox in your taskbar with the right mouse-button, properties, and their you will find a checkbox called "QuickEdit-Mode" deselect it and this phenomena should never appear again.

          Or make shure you didn't select anything within the Dos-box.