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    War using separately deployed ears loader repository

    Alex Newbie

      This is a variation on the question of deploying the same app twice.

      Can I tell a war to a use classloader/loader repository defined in a seperately deployed ear?

      I have a jar that both an ear and war need to share. The twist is that the war is not in the ear, it is deployed seperately. If everything was packaged together, I can define my loader repository and deploy the app again with another loader-repository (and jndi bindings), everything works great. If I don't deploy the second app, I can move the jar directly into the deploy directory and the war and ear share it, no problem. I can't figure the correct recipe for deploying the war and the ear seperately, twice, with different loader repositories....

      So what I would like

      app.war (that knows to use hibernate.ear loader-repository)


      app-test.war (that knows to use hibernate-test.ear loader repository)