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    JVM_BIND error - my solution

    cduncan Newbie

      I thought I would post this just in case it helps someone down the line.

      I recently upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.2.3 and was receiving a BindException during startup. This was with no deployments other than what comes out of the box.

      The service that was not binding was the PooledInvoker. I looked at the conf\jboss-service.xml file and found that the port it is trying to use is port 4445. Well, I use Chainsaw to monitor the logs created by log4j. By default the Chainsaw gui listens on 4445. So that is where the conflict occured.

      I changed my bat file that I use to start chainsaw:

      java -Dchainsaw.port=4446 org.apache.log4j.chainsaw.Main

      so that it would not conflict with JBoss.

      BTW, in the jboss-service.xml for 3.2.1 port 4445 was not being used by anyone. In fact the PooledInvoker port was set to 0.

      Hope that helps someone down the line.