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    Failed to start AutomaticDiscovery

    kristiane Newbie


      I'm using the JBoss "all" configuration (JBoss 3.2.3 with Tomcat/ WinXP).

      I have no network connection, and I am constantly getting the

      "[HANamingService] Failed to start AutomaticDiscovery"

      I know I has to do with missing multicast on my PC. I works fine when I am connected to the Internet (have got an valid ip address)

      How can I fix this? Can I edit some magic *.xml file in JBoss? Any ideas?

      I have tried to add a "multicast route" to my routing table, but I doesn't get added;
      > route add mask
      The route addition failed: The parameter is incorrect.

      I admit I don't know much about routes and routing tables...

      Please help...
      - Chris