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    Apache+Jboss-Tomcat with mod_jk2

    dk liu Newbie

      i want to bundle Apache+Jboss-Tomcat with mod_jk2 on linux OS(eg RedHat 9.0 etc..)..

      but i can't find mod_jk2 file in apache website, i only find mod_jk2 for win32 and solaris...faint.

      and i want use the tomcat user control functions..but i haven't got the way that implement the user control functions . by the way, i haven't carried oute the IP access control(different users access different web directory ,eg user1 can only access dir1, or user2 can only access dir2...etc..) with jboss-tomcat either.

      With the help of those people here, but i still haven't few ideas to come those functions true, by now..