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    XidFactory -- Repost

    jj730105 Newbie

      On Monday, I posted a problem that I was having while attempting to start up JBoss on a specific system.


      I have received no answers to this point, so I will phrase the question differently.

      I have turned on TRACE in logging, but I am not getting any further information out of the log to help with the problem. When I start up JBoss, it stops loading at the following point in the log:

      ServiceCreator About to create bean: jboss:service=XidFactory with code: org.jboss.tm.XidFactory

      I have read through the JBoss Administration and Development book about Xid and transactions in JBoss, however it does not provide the specifics about the Xid implementation that would help me to diagnose the problem.

      In the creation of the XidFactory service, is JBoss attempting to access some system resource that might already be taken?
      Is there some sort of special systm access that my user account must have to be able to load this service?

      If anyone has anyone has any ideas about a different approach to resolving the problem, insight into how this Xid actually is implemented, I would appreciate the feedback.

      As always, thanks in advance!!

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          jj730105 Newbie

          For those of you who are having problems with JBoss 3.2.3... I would upgrade to the latest version of the JDK (I'm using 1.4.2_04) if you have that option. Despite the fact that on the download page it says the 3.2.3 is compatible back to JDK 1.3, I was not successful in getting JBoss to run until I upgraded my JDK from 1.4.1x to 1.4.2_03 (and, eventually, 04). After the JDK upgrade, I was finally able to get the default installation of JBoss running.