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    RichFaces 4.0: SVN repository layout

    Nick Belaevski Master


      We've relocated RF 4.0 modules according to new SVN repository layout (see RichFaces40BuildSystem wiki article for more information). Also we are supporting 3.3.X modules, so SVN repository currently hosts both layouts: new and old.

      Here is the current list of folders http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/richfaces/:

      Legacy layout folders:
      - branches - common SVN folder
      - tags - common SVN folder
      - trunk - common SVN folder
      - management - storage of unversioned information about the project (e.g. requirement specification, planning documents; designs etc.)

      New layout folders (content is evident from the folder name, each folder has (or will have soon) nested trunk/branches/tags). Actually, new layout is a copy of standard SVN layout extended with additional root folders:

      - cdk
      - docs
      - examples
      - examples-sandbox
      - framework
      - ui

      The question is how to make it more suitable for the users. Variants:
      1) New SVN repository

      Pros: clean variant.
      Cons: a) extra work for JBoss admins
      b) no single link for project SVN sources.

      2) "attic" folder for all non-4.0 content

      Cons: a) still lot of work - update Hudson configuration, public information, etc.
      b) 3.3.x is not outdated after 4.0 release, so "attic" doesn't seem a good place for it

      So, what do you think? Suggestions are highly welcome.