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    Can I Override JBoss Log4J?

    azim Newbie

      I am new to Log4j. We are in the development phase of an application.
      Our development environment uses JBoss3.2.3.
      My questions :
      1) Can I deploy Log4j (The Log4j-1.2.8.jar, Log4j.xml)as part of my application(war or ear), so that when we go for production with another application server, we dont have to do much configuration?
      2) Current JBoss comes with Log4J enabled and it uses Log4j logging in console. How can I configure JBoss in such a way that JBoss loads/ uses my deployed Log4j from my war file?
      Please let me know if this is possible? If yes, any hints and suggestions are really appretiated.

      Thank you very much.