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    Need third party tools version list in release notes

    Brian Wallis Master

      I'm currently looking at upgrading our development to use the latest release of JBoss. Our project uses a number of third party tools and libraries of things such as JacORB, Xerces, Tomcat, Oracle drivers, MySQL drivers, etc... Some come as part of jboss and sometimes we can use the ones included and othertimes we have to replace the one in jboss with a different version (and test that we didn't break something)

      My problem is finding out what version of what third party tool is included in a particular jboss distribution.

      I think a list of these third party things should be available in the distribution that lists

      - What the tool/library is
      - Where it comes from (web site)
      - What license it is distributed under
      - What version is included with this release of JBoss.
      - Any patches applied (and what)

      There seems to be a little of this info in some README files under the thirdparty directory in the source distribution, perhaps this could be formalised a bit and then the version info file I want could be generated from these? Perhaps each one needs a VERSION and a PATCHES file?

      While I'm at it, I was wondering why the release notes are not included with a distribution? In fact there are no README files of any kind in the top directory of a distribution. I would think that including a set of text files for info about the release in the top directory would be very useful, something like:

      - A quick 1 paragraph jboss overview in README.1st
      - Release notes in RELEASENOTES.txt
      - Release version info in VERSION.txt (ie 3.2.4RC1)
      - Third party version info in THIRDPARTY.txt
      - Pre-requirements in PREREQS.txt (ie: jdk version, etc.)
      - The quick start guide book PDF (jbossj2ee.pdf)

      brian wallis...