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    Execution of JBoss by Eclipse Lomboz failed

    murdoch Newbie


      to precord the Error in the first line of the JBoss-console: jboss: unused non-option argument: jetty

      I have done an update from 3.2.0 RC2 to the actual version 3.2.3.

      Then I had set the MySQL data source like I did with the 3.2.3 version.

      After that I began to configure the Eclipse Lomboz Plugin for the new JBoss.
      Therefore I set up the server definition for the JBoss 3.2.3 und change the paths for the classes / libraries.
      Then I start the JBoss over Debug Server in the J2EE-View of the Lomboz Plugin and then I get this error in the first line.

      What can I do to solve this error?

      MfG Murdoch!