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    virtual directories

    Jason Pascoe Newbie

      Ive been through all the other postings on this topic, but I have another question.

      Global virtual directories work fine, but I want a virtual directory specific to an application.war.

      Ive tried doing a symbolic link in the application.war folder but it doesnt appear to be visible to jboss.

      I can navigate through the simlink using sftp alright so I know the link is fine.

      I just get a 404 when I go to http://localhost:8080/application/symlinkfolder/somefile.html

      Is there a context tag that I could possibly put in the jboss-web.xml file in the application.war/WEB-INF directory that could create a virtual directory to the external folder, or do I specify this in the jboss-server.xml file somehow referencing the specific application.