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    Weird classloading issue with 3.2.3 & WSDP

    Collin Novice


      I've got a web services bundle deployed as a .WAR within my main EAR. The web services servlet needs to use Xerces to parse the WSDL file. When I deploy the application, the web services application can successfully load this class and parse the file.

      However, whenever I log into the main application (that uses Cocoon, Xerces/Xalan etc), any further attempts to retrieve the WSDL file from my webservices servlet results in:

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/xerces/parsers/SAXParser

      Now, I have tried a couple of different things:

      1. Have placed the xercesImpl-2.0.0.jar in the WEB-INF/lib of my webservices.war.

      2. Have placed the xercesImpl-2.0.0.jar in the root of my .EAR and added to my application.xml


      But in each of these scenarios, I get the same results. It is fine until I use the main application bundled with the .war (which consists of two other war's and an ejb.jar).

      I am confused as to why the class would be visible at first to my webservices war, and then not.

      Can anyone give me pointers as to what I may be doing wrong?