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    Google Search Appliance

    rtafaro Newbie

      We are testing the Google search appliance on our intranet and are running into some issues after we crawl the site. I have the google appliance set to use 3 threads. Even when I change it to 2 threads, I see the same results.

      Our intranet is on IIS and there is a JKConnector to connect our java applications to JBOSS. When the Google crawl is finished, we seem to be out of the JKconnections between IIS and Jboss. The content serverd by JBOSS does not come up through IIS but we can hit it directly and have the content served. We have to re-start JBOSS to clear all of the connections between JBoss and IIS in order to pull up the java content through IIS.

      Can anyone point me in a direction I should be looking at for this problem? Has anyone seen this issue?