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    browsing CVS web interface?

    ahardy66 Novice

      I need to find out whether there were any changes to the config files that I changed, i.e. log4j.xml, hsqldb-ds.xml, server.xml, login-config.xml etc, in the last few weeks since I checked out & built JBoss last time (it had a bugfix I needed).

      In the CVS web interface, I can't find the jboss-3.2 module. There is a JBoss_3.2 (with caps) but it's empty.

      I tried to update my local CVS tree and build it again today but failed miserably for whatever reason, so I checked it out again fresh. But now I don't know if I have missed anything in those config files that could have changed. I basically cleared out those files and rewrote them with my own config, as a learning exercise.

      Where can I look in CVS for those files?


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          Andrew May Newbie

          The structure of the jboss-3.2 module is quite different from how the files are organised in CVS.

          If you look in CVSROOT/modules you can see how jboss-3.2 is built up from a list of aliases (I think that's the right term). You can use this to work out where to find things in CVS web.

          Alternativly, if you've checked out JBoss from CVS you should have CVS directories containing a file called "Repository" - if you find log4j.xml in your source and look at the CVS/Repository file in that directory it should tell you where you can find it in CVS web.

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            ahardy66 Novice

            Thanks very much for the help. I sorted it out now.

            It is not trivial at all! Is that use of module composition for projects in the repository some feature of CVS?

            I've not seen anything like it before.