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    Client gets NameNotFoundException when using ByValueInvokerI

    Satish Yellanki Newbie


      Our application consists of three EAR files running in isolated class loaders. We have situations where the bean from one EAR makes calls to a bean in the another EAR (both session beans). I went through this forum and used the ByValueInvokerInterceptor for the bean being called. But now my java client which looks up the same bean is getting a NameNotFoundException for the service. (This was working fine before I changed the jboss.xml to specify the ByValueInvokerInterceptor). I looked into the JNDIView and I can see the JNDI name there that I was looking for. Is there anything that I need to do to the client because of the change in the InvokerInterceptor?

      Files I changed:
      jboss.xml for the bean being called.
      standardjboss.xml in the "conf" directory of my server.

      Any help on this is very much appreciated.