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    time delay for SchedulableExample

    Andi Jud Newbie

      When testing the SchedulableExample we notice a delay of 2 hours. I just can guess why, but do not absolutely understand why.

      We want a job to run daily at certain time. Therefore we set the SchedulePeriod to 86400000 and the InitialStartDate defines the delay to midnight.
      The settings are:

      Schedulabe Test,12345

      Further we do have the TimeZone:

      The reasons for the delay may be:
      Day light saving
      deviation to GMT of one hour

      Any ideas?

      Do we have to adjust the settings after each day light change manually?

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          ithehorrible Newbie

          Simillar problem here, in fact I don't seems to be able to specify start date that actually works... wish there was a reliable documentation available!

          Here is a little workaround: Sets the "SchedulePeriod" for a minute (60000), so every minute perform() on your scheduler MBEAN will be called. At that point you must implement your own business logic to check system time and compare with requred execution time.

          It works for me and in fact is more reliable as the jboss scheduler itself, at least you get a full control over the logic and can dynamically change schedule/execution date if you use a datasource/db with MBEAN.

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            chandrasekarang Newbie

            Hi i want to make a database connection for say every minute.
            Can u let me know how doid u used the same kind of proedure in u'r prog.