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    Strange problem when deploy the servlet in jboss

    calffin Newbie

      I use jboss-3.0.8 integrated with jetty as my j2ee server. I write a servlet which receive the request outside and delegate the request to the EJB which the servlet refrences. I use the remote interface of the EJB in the servlet. But the servlet is not directly with the EJB. I write a middle class as buseness delegate between them. I edit the web.xml and jboss-web.xml file which both introduce the information of the EJB refrenced.
      After I copy the generated WAR file to the deploy directory, I start up the jboss server. But I find the WAR file can't be deployed. The error message is below:
      Caused by: javax.ejb.EJBException: null; CausedByException is:
      AccountFacadeLocal not bound
      at server.web.AccountFacadeBD.(AccountFacadeBD.java:35)
      at server.web.AccountFacadeBD.getInstance(AccountFacadeBD.java:43)
      at server.web.Accountlet.(Accountlet.java:27)

      I am surprised by the error message because I never use the local interface of the EJB. I don't know whether the servlet can refrence the local interface of the EJB in jboss-3.0.8. I see the jboss-web dtd in the docs/ directory , it only has the ejb-ref element , has no ejb-local-ref element.
      Anybody can help me?
      Any idea is welcome!
      Thank you!
      Best regards!

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          calffin Newbie

          My jboss.xml is below:


          My web.xml is below:




          My jboss-web.xml is below: