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    JBoss and postgres 7.4

    lars555 Newbie


      after updating to PostgreSQL 7.4.1 (the driver was updated also) I get the exception that AUTOCOMMIT TO OFF is no longer supported. Application worked with postgres 7.3.4. I have no code which sets AUTOCOMMIT to OFF. Is this feature used in parts of jboss (code or configuration) ? Where could I set it to ON ?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Hussein Badakhchani Newbie


          I got this error when I updated to postgres 7.4 but forgot to add the NEW driver jar file to the jboss classpath and remove the old one.

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            Ravneet Sachar Newbie

            I am having the same problem getting postgres driver(pg74.214.jdbc3.jar) working with jboss.

            I get an error in deploying my application. It says...
            "Throwable... Could not create connection"

            I am using jboss3.2.3 and postgres7.4
            My JBOSS_HOME is /usr/share/jboss
            I am able to log into psql using the same user/pass mentioned in postgres-ds.xml and connect to the right DB.
            I am using a Gentoo Ditribution and all packages are up to date.

            If you could tell me exactly where you copied the pg74.214.jdbc3.jar file, and the postgres-ds.xml file, that would help...
            Thanks in advance