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    General Questions

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      I'm new to JBoss, so I'm hoping that some of you can give me some general advice on setting up my system. Currently, I have a webapp that runs on Tomcat 5, but I'd like to add an application server. My initial thoughts are that I could use JBoss' integrated web container (either Tomcat or Jetty) to host my webapp and then use the app server, to host POJOs wrapped in Session Beans. The POJOs would handle business processing and database activities via Hibernate.

      Here are some additional considerations...

      We have a dual firewall with DMZ. The outer wall would have a port (port 80, for example) designated to access the web server from a browser. The web server would then access the app server via a different port (8080, for example). This port would not be accessible from the browser. The web/app server is on one computer and the database would sit on a second computer.

      Since the web server and app server would sit on the same computer, I would run both from the same VM. That way, they would run in the same process, thereby enabling interprocess calls between web server and app server.

      Future plans:
      With JBoss 4, would possibly change over to an all-POJO solution and possibly use the AOP...although I don't know much about it yet.


      1. Does my security model make sense, considering that the system needs to be accessible from the Internet?

      2. I have a new computer with a P4 on Asus board, 1gig RAM, dual disks on IDE RAID controller, and Win2K. Does the performance model above make sense? Distributing to other computers would be bad due to remote calls, right?

      3. What about wrapping POJOs in Sessions Beans for database access? Also, any thoughts on Hibernate?

      Your experiences and ideas would be of great value to me. Also, if any of these issues are covered in the docs or other articles, then please point me there. I would appreciate anything that would save me unnecessary searching and reading. I look forward to your comments--thanks in advance!